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Anthony Ho

Executive Chinese Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Macao

Anthony Ho, Executive Chinese Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Macao, oversees the award-winning Chinese restaurant Zi Yat Heen and the Chinese banquet operations at the hotel. From a young age, Chef Ho has been fascinated by Cantonese cuisine, and his family’s business has inspired his love for cooking for many years. In early years, Chef Ho would visit various Chinese restaurants with his father, who was engaged in the food and beverage-related industry in Hong Kong. These wondrous dining experiences made him determined to pursue a career as a chef under his father’s subtle influence. 

With 21 years of cooking experience, Chef Ho started his culinary journey in Hong Kong, where he worked for nine years. He later joined an international Chinese restaurant group in 2012 and dedicated himself for 12 years. During this period, he accumulated many precious experiences while enriching his cooking skills in Singapore and Shanghai’s restaurants. He once served as Executive Chef at a Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in Shanghai before joining Four Seasons Hotel Macao.

At Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Chef Ho aims to incorporate new elements into Macau’s Cantonese dining scene, combining advantages already present at Zi Yat Heen with his ideas to showcase innovative and surprising dishes. A team player, he also puts great attention to team collaboration and service quality, determined that every detail is intertwined during a dining experience. He firmly believes that a luxurious journey in Cantonese cuisine is not just about the food, but also requires the efforts of all parties to create complete and unforgettable experiences for guests.

Chef Ho upholds a cooking philosophy that never diverts from his original intention, which emphasizes the essence of traditional Cantonese cuisine as the basis of his cooking. Yet, he also has the courage to experiment and innovate, creating dishes in unique ways and highlighting diversity in culinary experimentation. In addition, his insistence on using the freshest ingredients available and attention to guests' opinions are some of his success secrets. He personally inspects ingredients daily to ensure that source materials are presented to the guests' tables in the best possible condition. Interacting with each diner also heightens his creativity and offers inspiration.

Chef Ho looks forward to his new position at Four Seasons Hotel Macao. He will bring his passion and dynamic experience to please Macau gourmets with exquisite cooking skills and delicious offerings.